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Sustainability Courses

If you are an architect, developer, builder , new graduate willing to work as an ESD consultant or interested in sustainability, we have surprising courses taught by expert ESD engineers working in the sustainability industry. These courses prepare you well to start working  as a sustainability consultant and you will work on real projects during the courses.  Get a taste for some of what's on offer by contacting us on 0426 370 718 or via

These courses are different from what you have learned in the university. You will learn how to do a real project as a sustainability consultant. Our experts will teach you sustainability assessments by involving you in current projects we are working on so at the end of the course you will be well-prepared to start your work as a consultant and apply for jobs with more confidence.


ESD Consultants

Education department


Water Sensitive Urban Design - WSUD report

BESS assessment

Energy rating assessment- NatHERS rating

Section J-DTS assessment

Environmentally Sustainable Design - ESD report

Upcoming courses:

JV3 modelling

Daylight modelling

Waste Management plan- WMP report

Mechanical and natural ventilation- AS 1668

MUSIC modelling

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