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We are ESD Consultancy specializing in sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency to support you to get your planning approval and building permit.

Our services are:

  • Green Star Certification 

  • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) report

  • Sustainability Management Plan-SMP report

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) report

  • Green travel plan- GTP report

  • Daylight assessment 

  • Section J-DTS and JV3

  • Energy rating (NATHERS assessment)

  • Glazing & Façade assessment

  • Waste management plan-WMP report


Our fees are competitive and our services have high quality to meet your planning and building permits’ conditions. We are quick and we do our best to meet your tight deadline.

If you are looking for a fee proposal for your job, feel free to send us your architectural plans and council conditions (if available) and then we will provide a quote in a short time.

How to get a quote:

Use the form (in free quote page): You can type in your project details and attach your architectural plans and then submit it or email your architectural plans and council conditions (if available) to

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us on 0426 370 718.

Office locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Contact number: 0426 370 718

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